Roller Board

Copus Industries is proud to present the RollerBoard Loadhandler. The RollerBoard is being manufactured in wood and or steel, aluminum, stainless steel. We do custom jobs to meet your needs.

The sliding feature of the RollerBoard bed makes loading and unloading safer and easier by not over-reaching inside the cargo area of SUV's, trucks and vans.

RollerBoard Loadhandler Pricing

RollerBoard 1- Starting at 799.95

Fits full size standard bed pickup trucks w/Tailgates ON and Large SUV’s w/Tailgates. The roller mount and rollergrid takes up only 3.5” on the cargo area floor and they come Standard with 7” sideboards. They will also work with camper shells ON! Note: We also do custom jobs

RollerBoard 2- Starting at 1299.95 Fits full size standard bed pickup trucks.
RollerBoard 2 is a full size dumping bed liner with a hard shell bed liner coating inside.
Note: We also do custom jobs.