About Us

Our organization is made up of passionate people that have been handpicked. Their educations are ongoing and they love what they do. And we do it all whether it’s marketing research to product development or manufacturing and assembling our own products, we get it done. And we all Love it. “We are Copus Industries LLC, a company made up of the right people with a passion for what we do.”

Good Day, My name is Gary Copus I am the founder of Copus Industries LLC. My adventure into the world of innovation has led me to many places and people. These people in these places have taught me many things about the process of inventing including the patent process, research, marketing and manufacturing. But don’t be fooled the true force behind Copus Industries is my goal to fund a foundation for the children of addicts, the C.F.F.C.O.A. The Copus Foundation For Children Of Addicts. My hope is that one day this foundation will fund other Non-Profit organizations and help them keep the chain of love going.

“Charity is Relative to SUCCESS.”

With a Smile,
Gary D. Copus
CEO of Copus Industries LLC
Director of the C.F.F.C.O.A.